Ads Microsoft Should Make

With the latest PR debacle, I can't figure out who's in charge of PR for Microsoft. Before gamers start up another storm about Kinect, these are ads Microsoft should make. Feel free to add more.

Kinect Enhancements

Show a guy/girl playing a typical shooter, and then lift their hand off the controller to the side of their head to activate night/infrared vision. Show them lifting a controller to deploy a shield. Show them making quick voice commands. In Battlefield or something similar, show them quickly point at the screen to spot someone.

Sexy Xbox Ad:

You take a guy or girl and put them in a trendy studio apartment. You see them configuring a playlist on xbox music titled "Sexy Playlist." You then cut to them meeting with their romantic partner on a date that goes well (include lots of smiling and cuddling and such). After the date they come back to the apartment and the guy or girl says "Xbox on. Music. Play 'Sexy Playlist.'" Their partner makes an impressed face, and we see them move to the couch with it obvious that they're about to get some.

Xbox for Mom:

You show a typical kid playing games, maybe even two kids playing together (boy and girl for diversity). You have mom doing something on her surface, and then she gets up and tells the kids to take a break and go finish homework, chores, etc. Then you have mom go, "Xbox, sign in." It will display her dashboard, and if she was watching a show, she can then say, "Resume show," or choose to say "Xbox, watch (insert channel)."

Xbox Workout

If xbox gets a weather app or even just Have a guy/girl walk in with running gear on and go, "Xbox, on. Go to" Show a weather report for heavy storms. Have the person then have xbox load up Nike or another exercise app and go to work with Kinect.

Xbox for Families

Show some kids playing on the xbox together, then have mom or dad come in and say that it's time for the call from grandma. Have the kids say xbox pause. Then have the grandparent call from Skype and have the kid or dad tell the xbox to answer the call. Short montage of family chat time.

Xbox for Traveling Parent

Like the previous commercial, this features Skype, but this time also features snap. Let's say it's family movie night and mom/dad is on a business trip. Have mom/dad Skype call their kids on xbox, and then have both snap Skype to the side as they watch a family-appropriate movie or TV show together on the xbox and their Surface.