Speakers + DAC Combo Recommendation for iMac/MBA


Well guys,

I'm currently in the market for getting new speakers and possibly a DAC that will: a) fit on my desk at my college and b) have great F$#'n sound. Now I know the latter part is completely subjective but is the none the least possible. Right now I currently have a Bose Companion 3 system with my iMac/MBA at home and it sounds great, however it doesn't fit on or below at the desk in my dorm. With that being said, I've been looking at the Audio Engine A2 or possibly the Bose Companion 20 or even maybe the XS Focal Bookshelf Speakers. In addition to looking for new compact speakers, I'm interested/curious in a DAC. I checked Marques Brownlee's review on the Audioengine D1 DAC and he made some pretty compelling and interesting points in getting a sharper/crisper sound with a DAC. Now my dilemma is if there would be any measurable improvement in going to an external DAC, would it be beyond the threshold of human perception? I'm not sure and don't know whether I could put that money towards a better speaker system. I've wanted to test drive these products but there are no dealers that carry them (except Bose); it seems the only venders are pretty much Amazon. Would like to hear your opinions and recommendations on what speakers you think are "good" and whether a DAC should be considered in conjunction with this setup. PEACE.