The problem with tech bloggers.

Computing covers such a wide ranging tools for most industries. And yet the people who writes about them, the tech bloggers, professionally only need a text editor and a browser. Listening to tech bloggers review a laptop is akin to asking a house painter about the best art brush to use for oil painting.

As a developer I have different computing requirements compared to an English major. For me, it's silly that design and the feel of an device is even discussed because it's very inconsequential to my typical use. We need more point of views for computing tech from people in different industries. I want to hear what medical professionals think of a tablet. I want to hear what sound engineers think of a desktop.

I think we all had enough of coffee shop dwellers telling us an amazing smartphone is bad because it offends his fashion sensibilities. I can understand celebrities or people in show business caring about fashion. But if you dress like a hobo hipster with sparse chest hair, a shiny phone will not improve your overall look.