I'm scared

Well, it is the eve of the official debut of 8.1 at Build. After doing as much research as anyone can on the subject using the internet, it looks like we know just about most or even all of the changes coming to 8.1 that will impact the average consumer.

Considering these changes, it's fair to anticipate that the perception of Windows 8 to the general public won't change with 8.1 and the Start button returning.

I am probably one of the most ardent defenders and embracers of the platform including desktop and mobile devices. I am a big fan of Metro, the start screen and the concept of having one OS act as a KB&M and touch focused platform.

I guess the problem is, most other people don't feel the same. I frequently browse the Windows facebook page, as well as Intel, and whenever there is an Ultrabook promoted or a SkyDrive announcement or a Windows 8 announcement the comments section becomes littered with negative responses. Sometimes the negativity is so overwhelming you have to scroll through dozens of responses to find something positive. Were talking about a 15:1 ratio here.

What I think needs to be pointed out, is how much misinformation is rampant in these sections. That the desktop doesn't exist, that Windows 8 is slow and unstable, or that Microsoft doesn't care about desktop users and Windows 8 only works on touch screen devices.

It's not just the MS facebook that this can be seen, but also articles on websites like Forbes, Fast Company, Arstechnica and the ensuing comments section from those articles where the majority of responses are complaining of the changes in Windows 8. The amount of hyperbole and extreme hatred is actually rather flabbergasting.

Honostly, I think as long as this ---


as potentially being on there desktop or laptop screen, the negativity and utter eagerness to condemn will persist. Regardless of desktop improvements like awesome multi monitor support, monitoring and pausing file transfers, improved task manager, and a design philosophy that emphasizes content over chrome...it just wont matter.

Its incredibly disappointing, because for one I think Microsofts vision is what ultimately will become the reality for most consumers of consumer electronics. But also, as a user of these products, I become marginalized because of my choice and tastes.