Real battery life on MBA - still great, but not...

Under really heavy use (think tons of video/photo editing work) you can go even lower than what our heavy workload numbers show (5 hrs). In my experience I found that around 7 hours of battery life on a single charge is reasonable for most of my workloads, but when doing a lot of work (tons of Flash tabs open, compiling a project in the background and heavy multitasking) I could kill the 13-inch MBA in under 4 hours.

~ Anand

So it is basically never 12 hrs. I belive in Anand methods - always scientific and transparent. MBA battery life is great (probably best on the market), but it is not 12-13.5 hrs as some of the authors here claimed.

Light usage - 11 hrs ("this is really the sort of battery life you can expect when using the 13-inch MBA as a glorified typewriter")


Moderate usage - 8.9 hrs


Heavy usage - 5.5 hrs


What are your experiences? I'm considering MBA as my secondary device (after a desktop) but still waiting for more ATIV 9 Book Plus reviews. If the battery life will be comparable, I wiil prefer better (touch) screen and thinner body.