Problem With The Verge? Don't Get Too Riled Up Just Yet.

So there's an emerging dissent toward a lot of things "The Verge" is doing lately. It's really starting to damage this community in my opinion. In a lot of the threads here, people are making broad accusations about "The Verge" or something they are "seeing happening" with only one or two examples.

Let's not forget that "The Verge" is not a thing that exists. These are real people. If you have an issue with how one or two editors are behaving, you should talk about that. It's not indicative of a direction the entire editorial team is going, and you shouldn't start criticizing the entire website for it.

In the same vein, "The Verge" is not biased because you saw two or more articles criticizing the same company. These editors exist in the zeitgeist of the current tech world, and you will see the status of what people think of certain companies reflected in the articles here. Often times, I would say the articles with the same mood on the same topic come from the same few editors. You could attribute the sentiment to them, and not the whole site.

Again, bias will be brought up multiple times on articles ranging a ton of (often competing) companies. The Verge is made up of a broad, diverse set of editors and they have varying views (and yes, inherent biases) on things. In fact, I would say it would be weird, and indicative of an unbalanced team, if you *didn't* see articles criticizing just about every company out there. There are lots of different people out there and lots of opinions. I'm happy to see them all discussed.

As for something I saw about The Verge "being too negative," I think mostly in relation to Apple, I don't think the editor(s) with these opinions are being too harsh. I see it as one of journalisms great strengths to point out where technology can improve. It's not very interesting to read about everything that is going right. Reading about things we can improve, things we can expect to be better in the future, is what makes this site "On The Verge."

Thanks for reading. I hope I have at least some kind of insight here. I just really enjoy this site (yes, just the way it is), and I want the readers to not work themselves up so much over what is normal, or actually more isolated than they may think.