Complaints about iOS 7 inconsistency? Let me put things in perspective.

Since iOS 7 came out, one of the more prominent complaints I've heard is that the interface is not consistant. Now, this may be true, but I submit to you that it is no less consistant than before. Shocking, I know. Allow me to refrence Engadget's original iPhone review. This is what they said.

"Another rather vexing aspect of the iPhone's UI is [...] inconsistent appearances between applications."

This image was also referenced



My opinion is that at least part of iOS 7's inconstancy complaints are due to it's newness. When the original iPhone was released, those same complaints existed, but quickly died out. Part of understanding a new UI is using it only a daily basis and acclimating to its themes and motifs.

Now, I don't claim to have this all figured out. This is just an idea I had. Feel free to put ME in perspective.

Engadget's review-