Cell Phone Insurance AT&T Vs. Square Trade Vs. Ensquared

I just bought my HTC one two weeks ago and have been looking for a decent warranty replacement should my phone unfortunately take a tumble and crack the screen, get liquid damage etc. I was ready to go with AT&T insurance for $6.99 month but found that if i needed any warranty work there was a $199 deductible should anything happen. I found that to be a little ridiculous and needless to say started shopping around.

AT&T insurance- covers pretty much everything including theft and lost phones but like I said has a pretty high deductible of $199 and they still send you a refurb through Asurion.

Square trade -covers everything that AT&T does except for theft and has a $99 and they either fix your device or sends you a refurb, which is a little easier to swallow paying $99 less.

Ensquared- covers everything including theft like AT&T. I don't know much about Ensquared but see that they have a $75 deductible and I'm not really sure what type of coverage to expect from them.

So my question is, has anyone had experience with either Square Trade or Ensquared? If so, how was your experience in handling claims with these companies, and do you know if one is more reliable than the other?

If i missed something recommendations and insight are obviously welcomed.