Disappointed ?

Maybe I was expecting too much or I practically knew all what was going to be announced today but there wasn't that much about today's /Build// that excited me.

  • Nothing new about Windows Phone ( same old bla bla)
  • No new devices ( Helix was first revealed at CES almost half a year ago and yet they talked about it a dozen times or perhaps are the OEMs less enthused about Windows 8.1 ?)
  • Nothing about Xbox except Project Spark
  • They should alpha build of PowerPoint but ignored the most important part; UI
  • Announced Facebook and Flipboard but couldn't even show screenshots or a demo.
  • Nothing new about Windows RT ( how the fixed performance issues and stuff)
  • No IE 11 demos except WebGL and MPEG Dash

What I liked

  • New APIs and Visual Studio demo
  • New DirectX Demo (wished they could have talked more about this)
  • Windows 8.1 for smaller devices (keyboard and book demo was neat )
  • 3d printing demo
  • Lego demo

What I was expecting

  • New Surfaces o at least a refresh ( RT, Pro with Haswell)
  • Sneak peak of upcoming windows phone update ( even if it wasn't yet ready)
  • More Small (7 and 8 inch devices, What happened to that Lenovo 8" ?)
  • Developer tools for XBox One
  • More demos of what the new APIs can do.
  • More Windows 8.1 demo
  • More great 3rd part apps demos (to be honest, there aren't that many if them)

Microsoft is touting the idea of three screens and the cloud and yet this keynote gave no indication of that, Windows , Windows Phone , Xbox One all seem to be disjointed mess.