Would you buy a Air on your own for use at work?

I work for a small company and travel(mostly internationally) at least 3 months a year. The IT department is one old person that is far behind on technology. He only buys Thinkpads and replaces them every 3-4 years. My current one is a 14" T430 with i5 2.6ghz, 16gb ram, 256 ssd, and Windows 7. It has an extended battery for about 5-6 hrs of real use, full day with light use, but makes the thing weighs 6 lbs. It works fine except for all the Lenovo crap put over Windows 7. THis causes issues with connecting to wireless networks and just lots of weird bugs I never run into on my desktop I built. When traveling the booting, looking for power points etc get annoying. The track pad sucks so I always have to carry a mouse with me. My use is mainly Office, web, pdf forms, and light AI/photo editing. In AI I'm mainly changing colors and deleting things.

I've asked to get a new Air because of the weight and crazy battery life but they will not go for it. They would take care of MS Office if I get one but that is it. So would anyone ever buy their own work computer? I use it more than an other piece of tech but 60% of the time its fine acting as a desk top in my office.