Poppy: 3D video capture/playback that people will actually use?

Since this hasn't appeared elsewhere on The Verge, I thought I'd post here. Poppy 3D is a new product that just launched on Kickstarter that seeks to make 3D video more mainstream, like an classic stereoscope modernized for the iPhone.


I've been fortunate enough to watch this product evolve for the last few months, as one of the creators Ethan Lowry (co-founder of Urbanspoon, among other things) is a friend of mine here in Santa Barbara. It's evolved into a great little product. No electronics - it's just optics and software running on your iPhone, for both capture and playback.

Their ViewMaster comparison is apt, but it's more than a toy. Excited to see how products like this bring 3D photo and video to consumers.

Anyone have experience with other 3D cameras? How would you use this?