How Gmail's new notification system could be used in Android

Just brainstorming here...

Would you guys find it useful or annoying if the notification bar in Android used the same "seen but not read" sort of notification system?

What I mean by this is, in the new Gmail, when you see any messages in any given folder, Gmail will strike said messages off of your unread count for that folder. I enjoy this because sometimes I just don't feel like getting to an email but I wouldn't like to be notified that it's there every time I open the page.

Sometimes I'm the same way about notifications, I want to get to them, but in a few minutes, or in an hour. So either when I scroll down my notification bar the icons in the top corner disappear, or a separate small button prompt on the notification lets me hide the notification from the bar.

This could have deeper settings, maybe be able to activate this setting for certain apps, or choose to renew or not renew the live notification for selected apps like SMS, Hangouts, or Email, and the list of possibilities goes on.

I understand this may be a feature to complicated for the general public which is why a lot of people are scared to give Android a try, but for people who actually know how to work their phone, could this be beneficial, or just another necessary feature that we could easily find a way around?

Hope I explained that clearly enough!