Best Email App for Android?

Hey Army,

So I recently got myself back into Android (partly because iOS7 was lackluster, partly because I just love Android ;)).

But one problem looms. EMAIL!

I don't use Gmail as a service. Sadly.

I am using an Xperia Z, and the stock Mail app..... sucks.

My problem with it is just that all usernames are taken and you have to do XXXXX12341919@gmail to get a new address. It sucks.

I currently use Outlook, mainly because the web interface is great, and definitely because my email address is perfect (my initials @!).


What email app (other than Gmail) do you guys recommend?

Is there a workaround to use my OutLook address with the Gmail app? (That doesn't involve making a new gmail email and just forwarding main :/, because Im just too OCD for that).

Tried the Xperia Mail app, and tried the "official" Outlook app (a real joke).

Design and efficiency, as well as stability are my priorities :).

Help me Android Army! You're my only hope.