El' Google, Moto X, and the Monsters they've created!

I was replying to another post when I just started to think about what Google has done by subsidizing the Nexus devices. They've created a bunch of whiny pants consumers that want the very greatest from the very least. What do I mean?

Let's start with the Moto X. Dennis Woodside mentioned the gap between feature (dumb) phone pricing and smart phone pricing at D11. Automatically, I believe that people started to assume that Moto would go the Google route and sell the phones at or slightly above cost.

However, I really don't see Moto going this route. Most people here know Moto's history the past couple years, and I believe if they really want to turn Moto around, then that's going to involve profit. With that said, I really don't see them going the $249-$300 range. I may be completely wrong, and I'm sure some trolls on here will lambast me for saying this, but I think the pricing will probably fall somewhere around the $400-$450 range. So, how does this present a problem?

Well, Google has created a group of consumers that want the very best specs, etc., for the very least amount of money. With that said, if Moto comes out with pricing at $350 or greater, there will probably be a great disturbance in the force because it's seen as been a mid-grade phone by most despite having more than adequate specs to run almost stock Android and probably having features that are worth something and aren't gimmicky like what you find on most flagships these days.

I may be wrong, and if I am, then that's all the better, but do people really think this will be a $249 phone like so many have said?

Despite knowing what's coming from the trolls, hopefully we can have somewhat of an intelligent discussion about it.