Question: iOS and browser tabs

Browsing the web on my iPad Mini, using Dolphin Browser and multiple tabs is killing me.

I've been a OS X user for well over a decade, but haven't used iOS since the 3GS. It's a bit embarrassing, because my friends and coworkers expect me to know everything about Apple, I was a regular at MacRumours for a decade, and yet I know nothing about troubleshooting iOS.

I bought an iPad Mini several months ago, downloaded Dolphin Browser because it's awesome on my Galaxy S2, and have learned to like iOS again! Have I changed my ways and become an iOS convert? Possibly. ;) There are pros and cons for both, but iOS seems better than Android overall.

Unfortunately, browsing the web has been bothering me, and I believe it's most likely an iOS issue. I may need to ditch this iPad Mini because web browsing is my primary reason for owning a tablet. I don't play piano on it, or look at medical x-rays like they do in TV commercials. Sorry.

The issue: I can't view multiple websites on different tabs without them reloading all the time. For example, if I'm reading The Verge on one tab, but then I read something interesting and do a Google search in another tab, the content on my Verge tab seems to be lost. It needs to reload the entire page. This is really off-putting. It's sort of OK if I'm on WiFi, but if i tethered my iPad more often and was on 3G, it would be slow and annoying.

Is this normal iOS behaviour, an issue with Dolphin browser, or is the issue the 512 MB of RAM in the Mini?

Is there anything I can do? Do I switch browsers? Jail-break? Will iOS 7 fix this?