Why a $400 Moto X Is Worth the Price

There has been some concern among Android fans that the Moto X won't match Nexus 4 level low prices.

But doing a comparison of the likely specs, it's obvious the Moto X is worth $50-$100 more than the Nexus 4 and we shouldn't be complaining.

The 16GB Nexus 4 is $350.

The rumored Moto X has:

4.5-4.7" 720p screen same as the Nexus 4

A Snapdragon S4 dual Pro, which benchmarks at the Exynos 5 (A15) dual level, better than the S4 Pro and with the same GPU as the S600.

2GB RAM same as the Nexus 4

Great build quality and polycarbonate or carbon fiber which won't break as easily as glass.

10 MP camera and Google has been promising a great camera, so it will undoubtedly beat the 8MP N4 camera.

Google has also promised great battery life and judging from the history of the Maxx, we could reasonably expect a battery size close to 3000 mah, which would have great battery life on a 4.7" phone, much better than the life the 2100 mah N4 battery provides.

And LTE. This is launching on all carriers and being tested on LTE networks so that is another advantage.

Considering all this, wouldn't a 16 GB Moto X for $400 seem like a great deal compared to a $350 16 GB Nexus 4?