Theory- New laptop flagships (Ativ 9, S7, Zenbook infinite) won't be released till September or later?

Right now I'm trying to buy a laptop to replace my current Dell inspiron, but none of the announced flagships are available to purchase besides the Sony Vaio Pro. I'm starting to guess that they won't be available in the summer at all, because I think they are waiting so that they can SHIP with windows 8.1- which is because they have super high res screens (1800p/1440p) that would otherwise look downright silly if they shipped with windows 8.0. What do you guys think? I'm super bummed about it if it's true- "back to school" sales will simply be super cheap ivy bridge machines.... sigh. Wish msft fixed scaling awhile ago.

Can anyone offer insight into this? What do you guys think? Maybe Tom Warren can give his opinion.