Questions for 8.1 previewers

I think it's fair to assume not all of us want to install the preview since we don't want to risk bugs and/or having to reinstall all our apps, etc. But not having used it and not having seen certain things covered in detail I do have a couple questions:

1. Snap View Status
So I know snap views cover a continuum of sizes now, but I'm wondering: Is the 8.0 version snap mode supported? That is to say, are the special UIs developed specifically for this mode in many apps still present? Or when you snap something fairly narrow are you now just getting a narrower view of the regular UI of the app?

2. Contextual Search
I know there's pretty cool universal search feature now, but if I'm in, say, my Youtube app, hit the search charm, type in a search and hit enter, am I gonna get the search results from that app I'm in or will I automatically get the big universal search hero? If this is the case, how easy will it be for me to change the search into just a search of the app?

I'd appreciate any answers I can get from actual 8.1 preview users, but am not so interested in any speculation by anyone not using it. I'd also like to invite anyone else like myself with questions for the previewers to pose them here.