Windows Phone 8.1 Features

So now that Windows 8.1 preview is released(though i haven't been able to update because i missed the "Go to the Store" option once damn. Anyway i am waiting for the ISO now ). Lets talk about the Windows Phone 8.1 and give a guess what Windows Phone 8.1 will Include.

Here are some that i think(and hope) will be On board in Windows Phone 8.1

1. IE11 (that was hard to figure out wasn't it?)

2. Notification Center

3. Background Wallpaper behind Start Screen and App drawer(Animated Ones is a possibility)

4. A new gigantic tile size that takes size of two big tiles combined to give more details.

5. Snap View(snap two apps together with the help from multitasking view)

6. Option to close apps from Multitasking Window.

7. Xbox Music Upgrade.

8. Search button acts as Search center and you can search from there SkyDrive , Contacts, Phone, Xbox Music and Videos, App Store or whatever app u have Installed and "Search Hero" will also be a part of Windows Phone 8.1.

9. Voice Control in apps Via Bing Platform(Correct me if i am wrong i still have my doubts of what i perceived last night).

10. Improved Tellme

So What i missed? What more do u need?

I believe this Update will be delivered to us around the same time Windows 8.1 will release.

Note: I didn't mention 1080p cause that is the part of GDR3 rolling out before 8.1. Also Radio, CalDav and CardDav is part of GDR2 that is expected soon.