The menu button issue ..

Hello everyone ..



After reading the stock HTC One review, I was wondering how no menu button is a negative ..

I'm HTC One owner, and previously HTC One X ( that didn't have menu button too before jellybean update ) ..

And I believe that seeing the 3 dots onscreen is much better than pressing the menu button guessing if a app got a menu or not ..

And between more than 100 application is use in my phone, I find that only Facebook ( and facebook messenger) didn't implement the new menu button ..

But 5 to 10 doesn't have any function when you press the menu button ..

I was responsible to test an application for a friend , and that guy putted the sections of the application in the menu button, I asked some other colleagues to test it with me, and no one of them figured out how to move to other sections .. ( he changed it to sliding menu later ).

The other thing is the multi task button ..

Yes, it was awkward in the beginning to double tap the home button to get multitask page, but in few hours I used to it , yes it is not as a dedicated button, but much better than long pressing that ugly button on Samsung to get multitasking ..

I believe getting rid of Menu button is one of the best thing google did, because you never know if it will do anything in the app you're using or not !

But I hate that Samsung still include it in their hardware and don't let it go away ..

for me : Onscreen buttons > HTC layout > Samsung layout !

Sorry for my english ..