Windows 8.1 Has Fixed the Surface RT

After getting the Surface RT I was very disappointed about its performance, it is true that is has become better overtime however, there where still some issues that where just to obvious to ignore.

Some of the things that have changed since I've installed the Preview are:

1. No stuttering switching apps while having heavy apps running in the background. Rocket Riot was one of these apps that slowed my system down a lot, I can now switch apps while the system remains responsive.

2. IE 11 performance, IE 10 has an smooth UI, however, the page rendering performance was very slow compared to Android and iOS, on IE 11 however, things seems faster and the UI is even smoother and a lot more responsive, text renders a lot faster and scrolling seems more responsive. Even web sites like Polygon (BTW seems to be made for the IE 11) load faster, animations seems to render faster too.

Support for auto suggestions is also great and so the rest of the changes that have been made like placing tabs at the bottom where you are more likely to have your thumbs at.

Flash performance is superb, however, I would recommend anyone watching video on their surface to use tracking protection list to prevent video from stuttering due to flash ads (Youtube! anyone)

3. Wallpapers, I can finally use wallpapers on my start screen, the implementation is a little clunky because you need to go to the desktop but its there, it will be nice if they allow you to do the same inside the Metro stuff.

4. The search experience is awesome, it is better integrated than any other platform so far, there are detractors to the changes that have been made but overall is a much more powerful tool now. I've a feeling that I will be using Bing services a lot more.

5. App loading times, they load faster now, and animations are quicker.

6. Outlook!, despite been a desktop client, It still have notifications and all, its great to have such a powerful email application for free!

There are a lot more improvements that have taken place like the setting integration, all apps window, etc. I did not know a 2 years old tegra 3 CPU could perform so great.

Tom Warren said that there where slight performance improvements but I've a feeling he did not really spend time using the Surface RT, because the improvements are really mayor, while this is still a Preview of what we are going to get.