Getting my first Mac soon: The 2013 13-inch Macbook Air

Hey Apple Core, I don't post in many of these forums much but I thought I would make this post.

Come July I will have the opportunity to finally purchase my first Apple computer ever and I am way beyond excited. Apple really wowed me with what they showed off at WWDC with the new Haswell refreshed Air's, that pretty much sold me on finally picking one up.

This again will be my first Mac. I have had my foot in the iOS ecosystem forever with iPod Touches and iPad's for the longest time but I have always been a Windows user for years. I'm not leaving Windows by any stretch of the imagination but do want to learn more about OS X for myself.

That being said what are some tips you can give a first time mac user? Anything specific to Mountain Lion seeing as it will be preloaded? Any applications that are must download when I boot it up for the first time? Thank you in advance and I look forward to enjoying it when I purchase :)