What do you read/watch? Where? And how?

Within sight of Google Reader's demise, users from abroad have ran around trying to find adequate and reliable replacements. With the official shut down a week's time away, the real question may no longer be, 'Where are you going?' but rather, 'What are you bringing with you?'.

With the abundance of alternate services available, how we connect to our content has fundamentally changed. In addition, another important question to ask would be "Where do you connect to your content?".

Personally, I have gravitated towards twitter lists for real-time news, the Yahoo! Sports app/Score Mobile app for sports and scores, Youtube for videos, and Pocket to save everything I didn't have time to get through. By integrating these services, I have fundamentally changed how I use RSS and what content I connect to and where.

As of present, I am subscribed to (from my most to least read)

The Verge

Digg Top Stories

Yahoo! News



Google Reader's provided subscription bundles regarding





and Editorials





As of late I have unsubscribed to many bundles and sites, predominantly big news and sports sites, turning to twitter, for example, to fill in the gap. As a result, my RSS subscriptions have continued to dwindle.

In my opinion RSS is still the most efficient way of reaching all of my favourite websites, but I also acknowledge that there are better ways of reaching and taking in forms of content.

The death of Google Reader didn't give rise to these questions, I just thought that now was a great time to ask.

So, what will you be subscribing to with the next generation of content aggregation?

Where will you connect to your content?

How will you connect to your content?

And possibly the most annoying vague, what do you read/watch on the Internet?