I do not understand the GOOGLE LOVE!

I do not get why google's stock is nearing 900 and Apple is in the toilet. I understand that this is a complex issue, I don't mean to reduce it to a platitude or a shouting match, but I just don't get the current Google love and Apple hate.

Could you imagine if Apple released a product as confusing as the chrome pixel? Extremely expensive and endlessly limited...with a tacked on touch-screen to boot.

Or what if Apple released a product like Google glass? A bulky, awkward, limited-use, half-baked product that is basically just a gimmick.

And what if in addition to iOS, Apple had some other operating system like Chrome OS, that basically just launches a browser and is really limited and niche. Yet imagine Apple poured millions of dollars into a marketing campaign, marketing these niche product as the "computer for everybody" complete with dancing spaghetti-covered babies.
Google + is more or less a failure. As was Google Buzz before it. And don't get me started on Orkut!

Google definitely had a hit with android, but all in all they are a large unfocused company with lots of products that you can just imagine will be killed off in the next couple years. I love google search and gmail, but if these products ceased to exist I'd survive with some other search and email service.

And I think most would agree no iOS...no android in its current form. Without iOS, blackberry would still reign and android would be a blackberry clone.

Google tablets are a complete bust, except for maybe the nexus 7...but no one would argue that their tablet ecosystem comes close to iOS. Now with windows 8, there is very little reason to buy an android tablet.

Except for maybe Ping and Apple Maps, Apple hasn't had a real single flop since the Cube. Sure iPhone 5 was a bit dull along with iOS 6, but I think Apple has erased this with the massive change that is iOS 7. Google puts out flop after flop, And Apple gets dinged because their last earth shattering product was over three years ago!

My purpose is not to inflame people, I just don't get why my Apple Stock is in the toilet, and my non-tech dad yesterday said "Apple is doomed!" Whether or not it's true, public perception of Apple is in the toilet and Google is definitely on top right now. I just can't understand why?