SkyDrive on Windows 8.1

So far, I'm liking Windows 8.1 very much. Yet, there's a few things that bother me about the SkyDrive integration. Not sure if anyone else has noticed.

First, no way to know the current SkyDrive status. There's no icon on the Notification area like before to let you know if files are being downloaded or uploaded, or if there's any sync issue, etc

Also, there's no green circle and check mark next to the files names to let you know that they are in sync.

There's no easy way to know which files are available offline and which ones are online only.

Lastly when I right-click on a file and select "make available offline" I get an error that reads "No such interface supported". I have to open the file and apparently that forces it to be downloaded for offline use.

If anyone has found out a solution for these issues please let us know.