Microserfs: a weekly community thread- Build 2013 reactions (June 27 - July 4th)

Microserfs, a throwback to the Tribe's original name, is a weekly thread dedicated to discussing all things Microsoft, whether it be a retrospective thought, a current event, or future looking predictions. So stop by, join the conversation, and please remember, as always, to keep it clean and to not feed the trolls.

This week so far we've seen a lot of interesting things. From Windows 8.1 Preview, to Bing being upgraded to a new platform for developers to build on, to big name apps coming to Windows and Windows Phone, and more. Now surely Windows 8.1 was the star of the show, but a lot of what Microsoft announced this week went a lot deeper than that. What were your favorite announcements coming out of Build? Can't wait to try Flipboard on your Surface? Are you super excited about native 3D printing support? How has your experience with the Windows 8.1 Preview been? Did anything really stand out to you?

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Sound off below with your reactions to all the Microsoft news coming out of San Francisco this week!