3DS Full Games - Physical VS. Digital

I have been looking all over the web, and I need some people to state their opinion on this.

So, Nintendo is doing the push to bringing big titles over to the eShop on both the 3DS and Wii U. Now, for the Wii U, I will always get physical since the Wii U doesn't move. Since this is about the 3DS, I will not get into the Wii U too much.

I read that people get physical copies of 3DS games for:

  • Collecting the box/manual
  • Having a good display on their desk
  • You can sell the game
  • You can lend the game
  • Prices of physical will go down as time passes by.

Now, why people get digital copies:

  • Convenience of it being on a SD Card.
  • No need to go to the store. If you are a lazy bum, you have an option.
  • Less things to keep around the house.
  • Have your games anywhere you go.

Now, the only con of the physical copies is that to actually play the games, you have to swap it over and over. However, with digital copies, there is a issue...

Nintendo is really not up to the modern age. They still have Friend Codes, and worse of all, no account system. (Remember that I am doing this in the 3DS perspective, hence why I said Friend Codes.)

So, if you get a lot of digital games on your 3DS, you are in bad luck if you actually lose your 3DS. If you lose your 3DS, you cannot get them back, nor get your money back (since it is not covered by Nintendo's warranty) If you had a cartridge, you would only lose one game, but not all.

For this reason, many people don't get digital copies. However, if Nintendo changed their system to something like Apple's, Microsoft's, etc. people would be more willing to get digital.

So, the basis of this is: What is your opinion of this? Do you prefer Digital or Physical? I am preferring digital, since I never sell my games. Why? Value decreases SO much in the years that your game will be worth nothing tomorrow.

(This is my first official post in the forums, so bare with me on this...)