New Motorola Phone/X Phone Design. Your Thoughts?

Hey guys.

So the last day or so new pictures and hands-on video has surfaced with pictures of a new Motorola phone. It's all black, curved poly-carbonate back with a VERY tiny bezel. Links and some of the pictures I've found are underneath. What are your thoughts?





I think the design looks really good. I am worried about the seam between the polycarbonate back and the glossy sides, though. It might be the way the light hits the two differently, but in some of the pictures there seems to be a slight edge there. Other than that, I'm really impressed with the body-diplay size ratio. It's about time someone made an iPhone sized, good Android phone. This looks like the phone I've been waiting for. A HTC First made right?

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Seems like I was way late to the party and these aren't really new at all. My apologies. Still, I really like this design and form factor, and would like to continue the discussion regardless of my error :)