Android & Multitasking? Are YOU really Multitasking or is Android.

When I had my nexus I hated having to press that on screen button to get to multitasking it felt slow. The gs3 feels even slower with the long pressing of the ratchet home button. However HTC little double tap screams fast. Two taps and a click. Depending on how fast you tap I guess. Then I played with the N4 and that was pretty fast also. Maybe even the same speed of htc. How many people really multitask? Android does it all in the background so you are essentially doing nothing but switching apps. As where Samsung really allows you to do two things at once with their spit screen which I never see anyone use. My dad hates it.

Since Android keeps mostly everything alive in the background how do you define multitasking? How would you improve it? Right now it just feels like app switching.