Top Three Things You'd Miss/Desire if You Switched Your Mobile OS?

I'm somewhat of a tech enthusiast. I don't have any ties to a brand or an OS. When I look to buy a new gadget, I weigh the pros and cons of all contenders before picking whatever suits me best at the time. I've owned iPhones, Android phones, iPads, a Nexus 7, a MacBook Pro, a Kindle, and a huge gaming PC.

When iOS 7 got announced, an iPhone once again became a serious contender for me (currently own a Nexus 4 because iOS became a bit stale to me). That got me thinking about what I'd miss most about Android and what I'd look forward to most from making the switch. I know what these things would be for me but I'm interested in seeing what other people around here would pick.

So list:

  • Your current phone.
  • What you'd switch to.
  • Top 3 things you'd miss about your current phone.
  • Top 3 things you'd most look forward to about your new phone.

Disclaimer: I'm not posting this to start a flame war between iOS and Android (or even Windows Phone 8). This post is meant to be a fun discussion about some obvious or not-so-obvious things you'd miss if you switched from your current smartphone OS of choice. I think we can all be adults here and admit that neither OS is perfect.