Good audio player for podcasts (that won't lose place when you exit)?

Hi -- Samsung's Music app and Google Music are both turning out to be poor for listening to podcasts: neither retains my position in the two-hour MP3 track when I exit the app (or even, seemingly, sometimes when I leave them running). Also, it would be nice to have the ability to do big jumps forward/backward using a little "slider" (like you can in Google Music, but not Music); and also FF/Reverse short distances by holding down the << / >> buttons (like you can in Music, but not Google Music). I think Samsung's stock player in my old phone handled all this just fine; don't know what's changed(?)

I've tried a few "Podcast Player" apps from the Play Store -- but they have seemed either weird/under-featured, or won't play media files already stored on my phone at all (the ones that are meant for searching/downloading podcasts). Have only tried free ones so far; I guess I'd pay for a good one, if necessary.. but it really just needs to be a general media player that will tick the boxes I've listed above (not a podcast-specific app necessarily). Thanks for any recs!