1080p Displays... Displays in general.

For all those with 1080p displays, I have a few questions.

I've noticed the my bubbles on phase bean wallpaper are smaller than on a 720p display. Like the display is so dense that things are naturally smaller? I have an HTC One (Everyone should know that except new comers). - So is it just my screen size or is it the aspect ratio or the dense ppi? It does not bother me I actually like it.

Next I don't know about you but there is CLEARLY a difference between 720p and 1080p, some folks on Android Central says otherwise. Not the staff but the readers. Can you tell the difference or is it just me.

Before I forget can someone please tell me why people are excited about TFT Displays? LCD ftw... I mean is there even a major difference?

"Feels like you are touching pixels" that's not the display but the lamination of the display right?

What colors kill the battery faster? White and blue?

And finally will displays go any higher than 1080p on a smartphone.. I mean that's kinda pointless right.

Leave it in the comments below.