Self Photo Challenge? Sharing one, looking for suggestions...

I decided I would change things up after using the same two formulas for shooting shows lately. I usually run two bodies, D700 with 28/1.8 and D3 with 70-200/2.8, or one body and two primes, D3 and the 28/1.8 and 105/f2. I hadn't used the 50/1.8 in a while so I put a standard strap (usually use an R-Strap) on the D700 and shot with just the 50.

To add to the fun, I told myself from the first shutter click, no cropping.



I ended up with more "keepers" than usual and really enjoyed thinking about framing more than just getting the raw data to take home. Pics with the show review if interested are here.

So what suggestions for an individual challenge do you guys have? I want to do this kind of thing again soon.