Post your mobile phone history

Just a fun post to see what kind of phones people have had in the past.

I will start with a brief description of why I got the phone I got and a picture (in case someone here hasn't heard of the phone)

First Phone:-

Samsung SGH N400 (2001)


My first ever mobile phone, with a blue LED light and antenna which popped up whenever you flipped to reveal the keys.

With a whopping 128x128 pixels this was the height of retina display.

Designed by Pininfarina, the chief designer of Ferrari, this coupled with the auto antenna made this an insta-buy for me.

Phone Number 2:-

Nokia 3330 (2002)


Nothing needs to be said about this phone. Solid build, great battery. Great phone. No-Brainer. User exchangeable front and back covers and the game Snake pre-installed...I mean, wow! Hours of endless fun right there.

Phone number 3:-

Motorola Razr Flip Phone V3 (2004)


This was one of the more popular phones out there at the time due to this incredible thinness of the phone and elegant looks.

But I honestly hated it. I got stuck in a long 18 month contract (12 month was the standard contract length in the UK at the time) and the reception was more or less non-existent in the area where I lived.

Phone number 4:-

Sony Ericsson w950 (2006)


This phone started my love affair with Sony Ericsson and got my started in the XDA community. So many roms, so many customization options and that hardware keyboard was first class. With a scroll wheel on the left hand side of the phone, navigating through the phone was a breeze. This coupled with handwriting recognition (You could open the contacts and write the persons name on the screen using your finger or the stylus, and the phone would jump to that person in the contact list. Or you could open up the note pad and use your finger to write a phone number down, anywhere on the screen!) and a stylus made this phone one of my favourite phones I owned.

I even had a Master System game emulator on there, playing Sonic II was awesome : D (street fighter was almost impossible, but looked good though)

With the screen at 2.6inches and 240 x 320 pixels resulted in an eye-popping 154 ppi pixel density, I don't even think real life has a higher ppi than that.

Phone number 5:-

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (2008)


Just look at this phone and tell me this isn't one of the most beautiful phones you have ever seen! Designed by HTC, it had a slide out keyboard and a 480 x 800 pixel screen at 3.0 inches giving an unprecedented 311 ppi pixel density. This phone was Android before Android, with Panels allowing for different screens and the ability to customize everything.

The w950 was the gateway drug, this phone had me modding and throwing ROMs around like I was a junkie.

I lived on XDA, waiting for the next ROM to pop up. This was Windows phone at its finest.

But after 2 years of nothing but modding, I was striving for something a little more controlled and a little less crazy. This is probably why I don't look at Android as a phone for me, I got a bit tired of the modding (which I know I would be compelled to do on an Android phone...the temptation would be too

Phone number 6:-

Blackberry Curve 9520 (2009)


I got this phone for free, so I used it alongside my X1. Short story but I changed carrier (T-Mobile to Vodafone) and while changing the gentleman on the phone said I can stay with T-mobile if I acepted a new contract, with a new phone (This Blackberry), no charge for the phone. A 15 pound monthly contract charge (evening and weekend, free texts) with a 15 pound monthly rebate. I could choose to opt in for Blackberry services at 5 pounds a month (which I did). So I got this phone free, 5 pound monthly charge and free evening and weekend calls with free texts.

This phone got me onto the Crackberry addiction, namely the BBM which everyone was using at the time, and allowed me to keep in contact with a lot of people around the world for such a small fee. Good keyboard, nice size but no match for my Sony X1.

Phone number 7:-

Dell Venue Pro (2010) - My current Phone


One of the few phones that I actually had to buy, no matter what. Stunning design, portrait slider keyboard, Windows phone OS. It was like that made a phone with everything on my personal wishlist!

The phone has its problems (possibly the worst phone camera known to man, WiFi issues which needed an update) but I stuck with it and I still have this phone as my one and only phone as nothing else jumps out at me and demands me to buy it.

Most of my phones have some sort of physical keyboard as I do tend to write better on them than on-screen keyboards. I still own the Samsung SGH N400, Sony X1, Dell Venue Pro and Blackberry Curve. I use them if I am travelling and don't want to risk losing my DVP.

I have never owned a iPhone and the closest I got to an Android is the Sony X1 (I put Android 2.3 onto it about a year after I got the phone), so I am pretty biased towards Windows Phone.

My next phone is definitely going to be a Nokia Lumia, but waiting to see what Windows 8.1 Blue has to offer. If it is what I hope it is, then that is the phone for me.