Mighty Text shows up Hangouts.

I have been using Mighty Text for quite awhile now and have really loved being able to be on my computer or tablet, receive a text, read it and respond in such a nice flow. But today i think it got even better, and showed me how good Hangouts could be. Its just a simple chrome extension that you install and then all you texts that you receive are sent to your gmail tab as if they are a hangout message, and then you can reply in the same window, its amazing. There is also a new compose sms button under the gmail compose button, and it pops up the same window that you get for new emails, just start typing in the name of the contact and then there number is just there the same as an email address.

This has shown me how good it could be once google integrate sms into hangouts, and along with chrome notifications it could be a real power house. It would integrate at least 4 types of communication into one interface. Now the benefit of google doing this would be that hopefully you would not need to download the extensions which would mean that you could just log into your gmail and be able to send a sms from any computer. It would also mean that all your sms would be auto backed up to google, and hence searchable.

The one thing that I hope they do, once they get sms integrated, is get rid of the messaging app and just replace it with the hangouts app. Or they could just buy this dev and intigrate it.