Argh! I HATE the new snap mode in 8.1!

I absolutely adored the snap mode in Windows 8. Every single day I would snap the Mail app to the left side and read through news updates that had been sent to my inbox, with IE taking the larger space on the right. I would also make frequent use of snapping my desktop to the right while reading Bing News in the larger space on the left, which allowed me to see if new windows popped up on the desktop via the thumbnails.

So what's the problem? In Windows 8.1 neither of those apps (mail or desktop) support the standard 320 pixel snap mode anymore! I have absolutely zero need to snap these apps in a 50-50 view, but Microsoft seems to have decided that's all I'm allowed to have. WHY!? These features were already written and working, why would they take them away for no reason? It's really screwing with the way that I used Windows 8 and it's putting a serious drag on my ability to use the system the way I want to.

Also, the way I use NextGen Reader is now screwed up because it automatically snaps itself when I open links in IE now. I liked getting a fullscreen IE view and then easily switching back to NextGen by swiping from the left. Now I get a not-fullscreen view of IE and I have to drag the little splitter all the way across the screen to go back instead of a quick edge swipe.

So far 8.1 has been a huge bust for me. I feel like a lot of these new features make most sense on a large desktop monitor, which is fine, but they've taken away the old methods in the process that worked much better on small screens. Why couldn't they just leave the old ways alone and add new features on top of them?