Chrome OS + Quickoffice.


via The Next Web

PSA: In the latest version of ChromeOS dev, there is now a new flag called "enable document editing" - if you turn it on you get a browser based version of QuickOffice you can use to work on Office documents. This first implementation is pretty basic but it works for now - they'll probably keep adding features until this is released. We're getting closer to a ChromeOS only workflow.

Some quick notes:

  • When you start a new document from drive with this flag on you still use the normal Google Docs.
  • If you open a word doc from the google drive webpage, you still use the chrome office viewer or the google docs editor
  • If you open a local .doc file from the files app you use QuickOffice
  • Formatting options are limited and things like changing margins doesn't seem to be supported (as far as I can see)
  • Adding fonts from Google Webfonts is not supported yet.
  • Word and Excel only for now.

Turn the flag on and take a look. I'll be using it over the next few days but I wanted to let other fellow ChromeOS users know.