IE11 - Tons of New Useful Features

New features in IE11 (Modern app):


  • Better performance
  • WebGL support
  • Option to always show address bar and tabs (no tabs preview image in this view)
  • Contextual menu for links and images is now in the app bar when using touch (press and hold)
  • "Hover" by touch (press and hold)

Tabs & Multitasking

  • Multiple windows side by side (press and hold or right click IE tile on start screen, or press and hold or right click a link or a tab to open it in a new window)
  • Tabs menu at the bottom above the address bar
  • Unlimited number of tabs
  • Tabs synchronized across PCs
  • Tabs restored as you open IE
  • Restore multiple closed tabs (drop down menu in tabs menu)
  • Copy tab to open the same link in another tab (press and hold or right click a tab)

Search & Share

  • Multiple web search suggestions appear next to suggested links as you type in address bar
  • Certain information (such as weather) shown directly above address bar as you type
  • Search or share selected text via contextual menu (press and hold or right click)
  • Share screenshot (drop down menu in share charm)
  • Add bookmark to reading list (share charm)
  • Phone number detection for Skype

Pinning & Favorites

  • Live tiles showing RSS feeds for pinned websites (website needs to have live tile support build in, see, example for website with live tile support:
  • Select image from website as tile image when pinning a website to the start screen
  • Subfolders for favorites


  • Manage accounts and passwords (settings charm)
  • View and manage downloads (via tools menu in app bar)
  • The Verge forum post editor supported ;)