Refining iOS 7

iOS 7 is....unfinished. I understand that this is a beta, but there are somethings that just really need changing, or tuning. That's what I am setting out to do. So far I've tuned up the Messages app, and the Safari icon.

In the Messages app the bubbles have been changed to incorporate user pictures. Also noticeable here is the familiar colored navigation bars! Gone are the old black and white translucent ones. Also, the status bar blends with it. In the top navigation bar I've cleaned it up a bit, removed unnecessary words like "Back", "Send" and "Edit" and replaced them with simple icons.



Next, is the list view of your conversations. Now instead of all your conversations be in a whole other window, why not just lay it over top of your most recent conversation and add that iOS 7 styled blur? Because, that's exactly what I did. Again I replaced words with icons to make it look cleaner.



Lastly, I changed one of the ugliest icons in iOS 7; Safari. It's simple, yet beautiful.



But, I'm not done. I want you to help! This is your OS, it should look how you want! So, have something in iOS 7 that just doesn't quite sit right with you? Let me know, I'll change it! It could be something simple as an icon, to something intricate like a whole app. Just leave a reply!

Also let me know what you think of what I've got so far. Thank you!

P.S. I'm still thinking of a way to change the "status dots" in iOS 7. I t don't think they should be reverted to iOS 6 style, but I definitely don't like it now.