4.3 Camera Thoughts [updated]


So i just got my chance to play with the leaked 4.3 (allegedly) camera app. Its more of a tweak than an overall update.

I personally liked the settings circle, i thought it was quick, and once you got used to it (which didnt take me long) it was quite useful. This new version obviously needs some time to get used to, like the last one, but i currently like the circle better.

Sure the Arch (i think that's what i will call it) might end up being better, but i don't like having to go up multiple tiers to change my settings. i also found that they removed the time-laps feature to have been removed. Though i don't use it often, i think it is infinitely more useful than a countdown timer. I have a Nexus 4 and i cant see myself ever using the timer, i dont have a tripod mount for my phone, and you cant really lay the nexus down in a way that is useful for the timer. The only way that i could actually stand the phone (no case) was on its side with the power button, the same side that the camera is on, so it would most likely always get part of the surface its resting on in the shot.

The one thing going for the Arch is that when you access it too far to the side, the arch accommodates and starts at the edge of the screen, the circle always just got cut off.

These are just my initial thoughts. Other opinions?


The Timelapse feature is still there, They are still under video settings. i feel dumb for forgetting that. as i said, i dont use it often but it is a neat feature to have.

Also as brought up in the comments, the Volume buttons now work as a shutter button. i find that the be incredibly useful!

Also the UI in the editing part of the gallery app is a nice update, i like the circles in some of the manual editing tools like in Vignette and the new Local category

picture via cloud.addictivetips.com