Really, guys? This Samsung Ad? What is this?



Just for the record, I'm on a 15 inch MacBook Pro. This takes up the entire page.

I mean, I get it. The site needs money, ads make money, but this is absolutely insane. Who needs an ad this big? What is this ad even earning? It's just making me annoyed at both your website and Samsung. Plus, it makes your website look really, really bad. Just...please do something about this.

I mean, maybe it's an error, but I somehow doubt it. Still, please fix it. I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing it.

But in case I am: I'm running Safari 6.0.3 on a 2011 MacBook Pro.

And, hey, while I'm ranting: what's up with the delays on putting up certain videos? I had to watch a 30 second ad on your crappy video player to watch a poor 57 second hands-on of the new Razer Edge. That seems kinda insane.

(Headline edited to be clearer.)