People are so hard to please.

Oh, Joyous day!

So we finally got what we all wanted, amazing top tier phones running stock. I, like you; always dreamt of a flagship running stock and now that we have it do you know what is my question? Will it have Sense features? I dont want to lose my ultrapixel tech or boomsound or beats or IR blaster.

When the NE HTC1 became official I was really happy that I will be able to flash a completely stable stock rom to my one but then I started reading comments that devs cannot make a stock rom with sense features, if anybody can confirm that that would be great. Let me put it this way; I love the look of stock but always felt it was overrated because it was so barebones, if no dev can get me that dream stock/sense rom then I will stay with sense.

What is the point of this post?

I am glad you asked! The point of this post is to point out how hard everybody is to please! Everybody wanted stock, you got it but now we want more! Us as tech enthusiasts are a spoiled bunch. We get such great devices but complain because the certain device isn't perfect for our personal use. Get over it! You will never receive the perfect device, the closest you can get is a flexible device like the s4. The gs4 is the device that tries to do everything and please everyone but as we can see with the HTC1's great reception and iphone sales; alot of people dont like the s4. In my opinion, people will only buy what TV wants them to buy irregardless if its a great device or not but that is a completely different horse thats been beaten far too much. People need to learn to be thankful for what we get and stop insulting other people's preference, although I admit I've insulted a few people that insist on putting huge cases that make their slick device look like its covered with a tire (how about stop being careless with your $650 device!!) I'm sorry I like to ramble off topic. Point is.. be thankful for what we have, our devices are amazing.

The ironies of life

I find it ironic that people would always bash OEMs for their skin although it makes perfect sense (pun intended) to have a skin and now that we got what we wanted we say "Booooo! it will be missing features!!" or " WHAT?!?!?!?! $600?!?!? thats waaaay too expensive!!" I have news for you, there are more countries outside the US that pay full retail and not everybody wants to sign a 2 year contract. To those that dont, $600 is a great price. You guys act like the internet is a place where people say dumb things.

Oh, btw.. nobody asked if the NE s4 would have TW features but everybody is asking about Sense features. HTC One FTW!!!lol