So Windows Phone fans, What do you guys think about these Indie devs

It's a boring Monday at work, and the last few weeks have been interesting with the indie developers working and releasing some nice apps.

Instance is pretty nice and I've been beta testing SRC Apps Snapchat clone which also works exceptionally well. As of last night Daniel Gary teased his version of snapchat and I heard there's another dev on that and an an official app coming around July. Then there's vine which Rudy Huyn tweeted could come as early as the end of the week. There's also another dev working on vine and I think an official one would have to come at some point before 2014 (haha) because twitter is usually decent about supporting windows phone.

What do you guys think about Indie devs and their apps versus official ones? Which would you support? Which devs would you support of all the ones developing the same apps?

All comments welcome, try not to kill anyone if you're another platform fanboy