Samsung & Their Marketing. . .Overkill?

The above ad did not make me want their phone, only made me want to hold an infant. Can't wait till my nephew get's here :-).

On to the topic. . .

I love Sammy, (I owned a GS3) - But has anyone noticed that Samsung is basically stuffing their ads down our throat? No matter what channel I switch to Samsung GS4 Commercial plays at least twice. The weather Channel, ABC, Travel, Science, Fox, CNN, Syfy, it's everywhere. Then when I go downtown to the office I see that phone rolling by on buses, billboards, buildings. It's like no escape. I'm seriously waiting for it to appear in front of the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it the Wills tower, true Chicago Native) What I don't see is it in peoples hands. I see nothing but GS3's. I saw one S4 and that's because my friend own's it after just buying the S3.

I was going to get the S4 (I played with it and it does not feel as bad as David said. It does not feel gross or wet etc it feels good in the hand, a little to wide, but whatever) If it was not for all the lag I would have considered it. Guess I'll be sticking with the one.

I wish Motorola and HTC even Song & LG.....especially Sony & HTC, would market the way Samsung does. But I guess it's not in the budget. In all seriousness it's a bit over kill Sammy.

BTW Their best TV ad is the Stop and Play ad with the Dad changing the diaper.

UPDATE: Below might be the best Ad from VZW I've seen. If you're wondering what song is playing that's Oath by Dark Model.