Should I make the switch from Nexus 4 to HTC One? (ATT)

I was wondering if any of you guys have already made the switch from the Nexus 4 to the new HTC One and what you guys thought about the transition?

I do have a upgrade on one of my lines so I will be paying $300 (after taxes/fee) instead of the unlocked price of $600+.

Main benefits for switching:

1. LTE in my area since few months ago. (My Nexus 4 was left in the dust when I compared my data speed against my friend's iPhone 5) This is probably my biggest reason.

2. Updated specs. 8 month old Nexus 4 vs. 1-2 month old HTC One. Every review seems to indicate that HTC One is super smooth and fast.

3. Camera quality. Nexus 4's camera is now below average in the market. I frequently use my iPod Touch 5G for quick shots and for social media use. Reviews indicate that HTC One takes pretty awesome pictures.

4. Speakers. I use youtube a lot so this is useful but not as important as the LTE speed/camera quality.

Concerns of switching:

1. Build quality/design. I like the designs of both phones. Anyone think Nexus 4's all-glass build is better than the aluminum HTC One design? Or is HTC One the best designed/best-looking phone for Android?

2. Stock Android vs. Sense 5 - Will I miss the stock Android and some of its features or is Sense 5 good enough to make up for it.

3. Battery life - Is this still a concern for HTC phones? My Nexus 4 can barely last me an entire day. I constantly have to look to charge my phone. Maybe I browse, text and stream too much but the battery life is horrible.

Any opinions are helpful. Thanks in advance.