International Bing functionality is now a nescessity in windows 8.1

tldr: Do you think integrating Bing on the OS level could make the international quality of windows decrease?

Bing for Europe.

As a Belgian citizen and loyal Microsoft user. I have been interested in Bing for some time now, always checking the new releases in the US version of the search engine giant. Facebook integration, reward systems and new features arrived from time to time and I always changed my local settings to at least try it out since I have always thought it felt and looked better than any other search engine out there. After some time and an update to the new Bing screen I decided to put it as my default search engine. I won't say it sucks...But in comparison to Bing in the US it's miles behind. I never tell people to move over to Bing because there is simply no reason for it...Anyway that is the situation in Europe. The word "beta" has been slapped on the site since forever.

An extra annoyance are all the Bing apps on windows 8, including the windows store. They pale in comparison.

Deep OS integration in windows 8.1

This is great, I love everything that windows is doing in 8.1 and the new search is a very smart move and could be a killer feature (read could) It all depends on how they implement it. However since everything in Windows is getting powered by Bing I am very concerned by how Windows will shape up to be in countries like Belgium. Whenever I see Microsoft products I see all these features that include Bing. Windows phone has already taken the step to full integration and even though I love everything about my Windows phone the hardware search button isn't as useful as it could be since local search, music search and news isn't included...


If Microsoft continues this Bing integration I am all for and I am rooting for them. But they really need to put their services on par with their US counterparts. I have increased my productivity on windows 8 including Bing but it's just not the same and it should be adjusted. Microsoft could really be losing customers over this in European countries. People that don't use tech sites or the internet like us techies just don't get it. The reason for this is because the build in apps are just useless, which is a shame.When mailing to local Microsoft help centres they always state that it is in the works...

I was wondering how other European users think about this and how Bing is over in your country?