Feature Request: Local unlock

This idea has been drifting in my head for a while. And while not all of you would actually use this feature, I would.

The idea is very simple: If you are in an area (e.g. Home) or connected to a certain WiFi spot (e.g. your home wifi) you don't need to unlock your phone every time you take it out.

While I do see the need for personal unlock codes (numbers, passwords, patterns, whatever) it ruins the experience of just picking up your phone and use it. And while I am at home, no one will steal my phone for contacts (unless someone breaks in for that which I don't see happening). So why not disable the locking procedure when you are at a save location (chosen by you of course) and enable it when you aren't. Disable it when you have a party for annoying friends who want to take weird pictures or something at your choosing.

Until there is actually a fast and reliable way to personally activate your phone (working on that idea to, but it has proven to be very hard), why not implement this, on well, every phone there is (apple, android, windows, blackberry, you name it)