I knew it was coming (red wedding) and it was still a nightmare

First, to those who have not seen the latest game of thrones episode (let's be safe and include the books too), seriously get it together and catch up or go finish the books, you need to stop being culture snail. GET OUT OF HERE NOW !!!!!!!

****Seriously**** If you have not read the books and don't want any spoilers, stop before you are exposed. This is the price you pay for choosing not to read. Leave.

Ok, they are gone now. I knew what was coming for Robb, and the scenes in previous episodes with him having a good time with his wife sent feelings of dread through me because I knew what their fate would be. I tried to steel myself for what was to come, but it was horrific. Martin seems to take special DELIGHT in over the top BUTCHERY of the good and ultra noble characters of the series. Some people say he kills the bad too, and he does, but Joffreys end, and Walder Freys end was nowhere NEAR as fitting as those mini Himmlers deserved. The evil go quietly, the good get Martin to truly savor and caress their endings in gore and tragedy. He seems to hate to see justice served in equal measure. I just hope Arya turns into an angel of vengeance and smites those who deserve it in as ruthless a way possible.

I felt filthy and dirtied after seeing Robb and his wife and and Catelyn die. And the worst part is, when it comes time for those responsible to get their comeuppance, they get to go so quitely, and that bothers me. Is it so wrong to want some kill bill class revenge?

For the sake of all that is good and holy, Arya, be useful for ONCE in the entire series in future books, and give me what I want !!!!!!!!