It's time for reviewers to step it up with WP (example inside)

Why do we still have reviews like this midway through 2013.

It's almost painful for me to watch and he seems just a tad bit biased. I can't imagine he'll make it through 30 days.

MS has seen some improvement with increased awareness, but it's still going to be a tough uphill battle for WP with reviewers like this. They just can't seem to judge WP on its own merits. Show consumers who may be interested how to truly unlock the potential of WP. Don't just complain about what's missing. What about the strong community of developers bringing strong alternatives for missing apps (itsdagram/instance for example).

You pretty much can tell how the rest of the review/challenge will go... "WP doesn't have this and this, while iOS and android have this..." But hopefully I'm wrong.

What are your thoughts?