Replacing my D200 with the Fuji X20 or Micro 4/3?

I have a quick question for everyone,

I'm selling my D200 in the hopes of moving to something both smaller and lighter, but nearly parallel in image quality. One of the first cameras that caught my eye was the Fujifilm X20. It has all the versatility and control that I think I will need, but it also has a very small sensor. I'm not one to buy something just because it's very pretty, so I'd really like some help weighing the alternatives.

Micro 4/3 cameras have also interested me, especially with a pancake lens which would offer a very similar size to the X20. A large sensor is a plus for me, as I would still like to be able to capture somewhat shallow depth of field.

Unfortunately, there's are a lot of micro 4/3 cameras that I have looked at and I just have no ideas what is what. Can you recommend a good camera for me which is compact, but also offers a large sensor and some versatility.

Thank you everyone in advance!